Friday, October 2, 2009

Steamer Trunk Delight

I'll admit I wasn't your average adolescent. Yesterday as I was sorting through some old magazine articles I'd clipped long ago, I remembered with great amusement how much I enjoyed reading my mom's Country Living magazines as a middle-schooler. In fact, I believe there was even a point when she had to actively ensure that I didn't run off with them to the black hole that was my bedroom. And not that I didn't spend time with the current issue of Teen when I was that age; but seriously, I was much more interested in decorating with old stuff than the latest tips on applying lipgloss and mascara.

Among these articles I found one I'd cut out back in the 80s--a little story about a woman and her love affair with all things old that began in childhood. I think I must have saved the article because of the passage about her first purchase at an auction--a trunk whose contents was a complete gamble. After handing over $5, she found inside what must have been pure magic to any young girl who loves dress-up: Edwardian dresses, shoes, and petticoats; handmade lace and boxes of mother-of-pearl buttons; jewelry and silk scarves; and a blue wool cape with brass buttons.
My own cousin's trunk full of fancy dress-up clothes was similarly legendary in my childhood mind. From a very young age, these over-sized pieces of luggage carried strong associations with the shear joy of opening that lid and finding something that sparked the imagination into hours of delightful play. I badly wanted one of my own, but it wasn't until sometime in high school that I finally found an old trunk at a garage sale--quite dirty and badly rusted. I restored it that summer and have been carting it around ever since. It currently holds my stash of winter woolen blankets that will soon be migrating back to the bedrooms

I couldn't resist purchasing another steamer trunk at a recent sale--a little red thing with a charming rounded top and a pastel pink interior. Dear Lisa spotted it first, but let me bring it home where it now fits perfectly in the guest room along a previously blank wall that was waiting ever so patiently for a special piece of furniture.
A few pictures for you now--the trunk filled with some of my other weekend finds, recalling all those wonder-filled days as a child, delighting in the contents of the old dress-up trunk.
Happy Friday to you all!