Tuesday, October 13, 2009


After reading Heather Smith Jones' post about "process," I was inspired to share some of these little quick collages I've been working on lately. Sometimes my tendency toward perfectionism really roadblocks my ability to be creative, and when that happens, it's time for me to go back to the basics and make something for the sheer delight of the artistic process--not the end product.

And this is what I do: I dump a bunch of random paper scraps out (usually on the floor next to my work table) and I quickly reach down and grab the first one that catches my eye and glue it in my collage journal. I keep going until I've filled the page with bits of color and texture.
If I start to think too much about whether I "like" what I've just picked up or if it "goes" well with the other pieces I've pasted, I throw it back in the pile, and get something different. Similarly, if I start to focus too much on making a nice composition, I quickly flip to a blank journal page and begin the grab-and-paste process again.

Certainly, there is some intention and thoughtfulness involved in all this, but my aim here is to really short circuit my judgmental side and just be in the process. I've been doing this little exercise a lot lately and it's fun to see my journal filling up with the evidence of these creative bursts.