Monday, November 2, 2009

A Little Inspiration for My Closet

As I'm sitting here, trying to think what I'll write in this post, Griffin (my dog) lets out a long, sleepy sigh and I look down to see how adorable he looks with a little red bandanna tied 'round his neck. I can't help but wish that the state of my wardrobe was as simple as that: deciding which bandanna to wear in the morning (or even simpler -- only having one that looks good, day in and day out!).

There's part of me that would very much like to express myself more through my choice of clothing ... and then another part that doesn't much care and would rather just hurry up and get on with the next artsy project. Since I can't spend my days curled up in sweats with my sketchbook and must get dressed (i.e. the day job), I would rather do so joyfully rather than begrudgingly.

Thankfully, as is typical when the seasons change and the weather grows cooler, I find myself becoming more interested in wardrobe creativity. I'm indeed a woman who enjoys her layers -- tights, scarfs, sweaters, hats, you name it -- and I think it's these things I need to seek out now to re-inspire those morning trips to the closet.

I was recently on the hunt for some warm, wool (but not too itchy) tights and found success with these made by a Danish company. My toes get soooo cold in nylons or cotton tights in the winter months and wool definitely helps with that. They (the tights) don't, however, get along too well with unlined skirts. So, I was at the Goodwill this weekend trying to locate some potential skirty friends, though found nothing that caught my eye. I'll keep trying.
I've also been clipping images as I come across them to help with the wardrobe inspiration. And here are a few pictures from a recent Anthropologie catalog. In particular, the photo of the stylish woman and her bike makes me wish it wasn't such a necessity to wear a helmet here in Portland while biking, because my helmet hair .... now, that's a whole other story.