Wednesday, October 14, 2009

" the pink and purple hour between two days"

Just a little color to share with you today. It has been quite a week and I'm looking forward to taking a vacation day on Friday. Finally some time to devote to a few projects in the studio (well that and someone needed to be home while our furnace ducts are being vacuumed!)
We enjoyed our last few shopping sprees at the local nursery. All the plants look lovely in the low autumn sunlight.And I was pleased that we recently found a new owner for our Art Deco chandelier via Craigslist. It came with the house and while I did like it, I already had a chandelier with more sentimental value. I was happy that the woman who bought it was very excited about hanging it in her 1924 bungalow.
Griffin is slowly learning to stay out of our newly-formed flower beds. He minds well except when I accidentally throw his ball amongst the plants. He has no patience for me to come and retrieve it for him!Erik and I are trying to resume taking frequent evening walks around the neighborhood. I love finding unexpected street art like this manhole-cover moth spotted off of Alberta Street.

This post's title comes from Norway Nights and Russian Days (1887) by Sarah Matilda Henry Davis. What a great name!