Sunday, October 18, 2009


One glorious weekend in the summer of 2007 I came across a garage sale where a vintage fabric collector was selling off a good chunk of her stash. That morning I filled the back of my Subaru with several trash bags full of fabric and gleeful headed home with my bounty. The majority of that day was devoted to sorting--some pieces I would keep, others went to my shop, and still a good amount (the polyester!) went on to the Goodwill.
Part of the "save" pile included a ton of little vintage quilting scraps, as seen in the plastic bag below. They've been in that bag for over three year now and earlier in the month I decided it was time.
My particular vision for these scrapies was a "contained crazy quilt." Looking for a little inspiration, I picked up my mom's copy of The Ultimate Quilting Book. I especially like that diamond-patterned one.
When my parents were here at the beginning of the month, my mom helped me get started with the daunting task of ironing all those scraps...
Slowly but surely I'm making my way through that bag...doing a little bit every day! And here is my first successful crazy quilt square. I had a couple of oops moments in the beginning and found this tutorial to be quite helpful.
Check back in another three years and you may see me posting about my finished quilt! :-)