Monday, September 14, 2009

Thinking About Topaz Ranch

My mom and her big sister are headed to Nevada today to visit their dad. I wish I could go too -- it's been ages since I've visited my grandparents house -- maybe 10 years? It's hard to comprehend that much time has passed, since roadtrips to their quiet desert home were regular summer occurrences when I was a kid. There was a lot of running and playing and good times on that sprawling piece of property far from any city. Sagebrush, pinon pines, jack rabbits, and rattlesnakes were so unfamiliar, so exotic for these Southern California kids (my brothers and I). Oh, and being in their special and artistic to me...childhood inspiration that has filtered into my adult life. My grandmother's collection of Native American artifacts, her sewing room, the little guest room decorated in red -- this is how I remember it, though I'm sure so much has changed since she passed. It's a long trip from Portland, but I would still like to visit, at least one more time. In the meantime, I've been digging through boxes of family photos, enjoying these memories....
{this is how a remember the living room -- lots of red -- her favorite color}
{the same view after they first moved in -- in the 70s before I was born}
{a favorite picture of my grandmother -- we called her "Tutu"}