Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Empress

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of this collage I've been working on for well over a week. It's been quite an experiment and I've learned some new things along the way. As I mentioned in this post, I use a collage method developed by Jonathan Talbot, whereby adhesive-coated papers are fused together with a hot iron. Well, in the past I've just used PVA glue on the backs of the paper bits, but this time I decided I'd try Jonathan's method of coating both sides with glossy gel medium. Can't say that I'm super thrilled with how it worked out -- especially given that my brushstrokes from applying the medium were clearly evident after it dried. Live and learn, right? In any case, this collage was inspired by a large, pictorial history book I have on Napoleon Bonaparte. The images came from old magazines and a variety of vintage books. After the collage was fused together, I brought out some of the colors with acrylic paints and "rub'n buff" antique gold. I hope my next piece doesn't take quite as long as this one did!
{hanging up on the inspiration board}
{a detail}