Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sew Vintage

It's been really hard for me to resist acquiring vintage sewing items ever since I saw this post that Maya wrote about her mother's sewing room back in January. Her mom's little nook is filled with the most amazing collection of antique notions, patterns, and other goodies. There's something magical about it that reminds me of my grandmother's sewing room--a space that, as a girl, seemed to me to be filled with an abundance of the most intriguing and precious things imaginable. Mostly it just exuded her creative spirit and I was drawn to the room for precisely that reason. My mom and her sister also have wonderful sewing rooms that never fail to inspire me to enjoy the pleasures of making things by hand. (I posted about my mom's weaving/sewing space here several months ago here.)

My last two weekends of estate sale shopping yielded some lovely bits and bobs, which I had fun photographing for this post. Hope you enjoy. Happy Tuesday!