Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey Lovely

Some pretty things to share with you today…

New additions to my snapshot collection – a pair of photos of a Victorian wedding. I especially love the perspective on the bride with that decked-out fellow in the foreground. What a hat! And isn't that an interesting cut-out in the front of her dress?
And this. An estate sale purchase from two weeks ago. Oh, it’s hard for me to resist vintage netting and beadwork, especially at a bargain price. I’m sure when my toddler niece is a few years older she will love discovering this in her auntie’s dress-up bin. :-)
I also wonder if I’m the last to discover this fun website? Vintage gowns galore! I’m especially enamored with the green and white prom dress and this chiffon cocktail dress.

A little more on the artsy side are these amazing, reconstructed dresses made by local designer Sonia Kasparian. I saw them a couple weeks ago when I was in Flutter for the first time doing my browsing thing. The gowns are stunning ... though I’m not sure I could pull off wearing one. Oh, but I do like that one with all the bunched up tulle. Swoon!

Happy Monday to you all!