Friday, August 28, 2009

Grow Garden, Grow!

Erik has been on a stay-cation this week, working on things such as planning our upcoming backyard renovations. As he well knows, my motivation for home improvement projects has been seriously waning for a couple of months. However, now that things are starting to grow in the front yard, I’m excited for the day that this little piece of land we own will be overflowing with healthy plants and flowers.
So, first things first with the backyard—a little paver patio, then some raised beds, and finally lots of hardy plants that can stand up to an energetic dog (that is, when there's a ball in sight).
That’s Erik digging out the patio area … soon to be filled with compacted gravel and sand before laying the pavers. It won’t look nearly as nice as the rockwork in the front yard, but I’ve been on the lookout of lots of large terracotta pots at estate sales to place around the edge of the patio in the hopes of dressing it up a bit (though that's pretty much a waste of time until we do something with all that bare dirt!).

Oh yes, and then there’s Griffin, doing what he does best...finding the sunniest, dustiest spot in the yard for a little midday nap.
More garden updates soon! We have big plans for the weekend.