Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Times in Eugene, Oregon

Since yesterday was such a weird and not-so-good day for me (pouring rain, car accident, work stress, wah wah wah), I'm purposefully thinking about better, happier times ... such as the amazing weekend I recently spent in Eugene. Although only two hours from Portland, I don't get down there to visit friends as often as I should. One of my UO graduate students had a thesis defense on Friday, so off I went on my journey down I-5 at 6:45 AM (yawn!) and took the rest of the afternoon off from work to spend time catching up with my college housemate. She recently caught the estate sale bug, so we made our shopping rounds on both Friday and Saturday.

My Eugene estate sales yielded some great treasures, though I found the "scene" to be a bit different than Portland ... mostly in that the houses were much newer and so there was much less accumulation. In some ways it's nice to have things clean and de-junked; however, I've always found my best stuff at the "digger" sales.
I bought this pink scale to weigh Griffin from time to time. He does a good job testing it out for me. :-) Thank you, Griffin.
These are from the estate of a woman who must have owned every rubber stamp and stamp pad ever made. I bought only a teeny-tiny fraction of what was there.
These colorful containers are from several different recent sales. The pink daisy came from Eugene. Can't seem to have enough of these to hold pins, buttons, and whatnot.
It's hard for me to resist this shade of blue. I found these bookends in a bedroom that had a full bedroom set of matching turquoise furniture -- cute, but that much blue I can resist!
I love my vintage office supply boxes ... especially for only 50 cents. More treasure-hunting stories to come....