Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garden Fever!

Since this summer has been all about gardening at Junebug Cottage, Erik and I were pleasantly surprised to find that we live less than two blocks from a hidden-gem of a nursery. Garden Fever! is a pretty, yet unassuming storefront on NE 24th. I'd always thought it was just a garden-oriented shop -- you know, gifts for the gardener, birdhouses, statuary and so forth. Who knew that beyond the quaint little store was an entire nursery full of wonderful plants and shrubs?! Erik was especially happy to find that they have a nice selection of Stepables ... his one gardening obsession.
Regrettably, we still had to drive even that short distance since we were buying several bags of compost (though remarked to each other that we really need to keep our eye out for a used wagon), but Erik walked back toward the end of our planting session when we realized there were still a few more areas in the front yard to fill with plants.
If you live in Portland and love to garden, I highly recommend this charming nursery. It's certainly not as big as Portland Nursery, but sometimes it's actually nice to have less to choose from. The plant selection was very appealing and they seemed quite healthy and well cared for. Oh, and the shop has lots of cute things, too. :-)