Monday, August 17, 2009

A Fine Day For a Picnic

"You may be sure I woke up early enough. The sun was shining very brightly, and the dewdrops were sparkling on the grass, and the birds were singing as merrily as if they were all going to a picnic too. Perhaps they might have been for anything I knew to the contrary."
"…and I told her all about the picnic, what it would be like and how we should spend the time. I said we should go in a donkey cart and have dinner on the grass under the trees, without a tablecloth or chairs or anything of that sort. And then we should run about with our little tin pails and gather blackberries, and perhaps pull off our shoes and socks, and wade in a beautiful stream that had minnows and sticklebacks in it."
These passages are from Nine Years Old by Eliza Stephensen, 1872.