Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Domestic PDX?

Here in the City of Roses "PDX" is shorthand for Portland (in addition to being our airport code). Although I'm not a traditional homemaker, I get great satisfaction from the things I do outside my day job--like restoring my old house, vegetable gardening, art-making, sewing, cooking, and exploring this delightful city. Portland is fertile ground for artists, DIY-ers, and all sorts of people who enjoy that which is local, handmade, and homegrown.   I feel very supported here, sharing with other people who value creativity, sustainability, health, thrift, natural beauty, and alternative ways of living.  Although this online journal is not so much about the city as my personal thoughts and experiences, no doubt the spirit of this quirky, rainy, lovely place in the Pacific Northwest will shine through as I tell the story of making a home (and a life) here. Thanks for joining me.
{Craftsman on SE Division Street, Portland -- Polaroid image transfer onto watercolor paper}