Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The New Vintage Kitchen

It's a good day. I'm taking pictures of our completed kitchen remodel.

When our realtor brought us to view our future-house for the first time, we actually had to stand in line. Yes. There were that many interested buyers. Walking through the house, however, I knew most of them were probably thinking about gutting most of this "estate fixer." The kitchen was likely the biggest turn-off, being top-to-bottom pink except for some well-built, but unbecoming solid wood cabinets. I felt like I was harboring some big secret when I saw the kitchen and its potential--knowing my vision was probably unique amongst my home-buying competitors. Being the high bidders, Erik and I got to test our remodel savvy in short order. This post shows some great "before" pictures and this one gives some work-in-progress shots.
I've had this Groland butcher block (IKEA) for six years. Amazing that it has worked well in four different apartments and now in our new home.We painted the early 60s wood cabinets "polar bear" white. I loved the pink Formica counters with chrome trim from the start. We added the jadite glass knobs from Rejuvenation.

We ripped up the linoleum flooring and had the fir floors refinished. Erik installed our new gas stove--from Premier's pro series.

It's a great space--bright, airy, and just the right size. Turned out better than I imagined it would, actually.