Thursday, June 4, 2009

Modern + Old + Eclectic

The process of making Junebug Cottage our cozy little home has also prompted an evolution in my decorating style. Sitting here, looking around the living room, I would say that modern + old + eclectic sums up the vibe we've got going on. Actually, "old" should probably lead that trio, since I've been an aficionado of all things vintage since, well, forever. It's been recently that I've come to appreciate mid-century design and the charm of a few well-placed modern pieces mingling with turn-of-the-century treasures.
I love this modern bedside table with its well-shaped silver handles. It has a twin and they make great end tables in the living room. A lucky find at Stars Antique Mall.
The tower of books happened without much intention one day when I was moving the bigger hardbacks to the dining room. Someday I'd love to get a Sapien bookcase from Design Within Reach. The picture hanging above is a vintage Esther Hunt print of a little Asian girl dressed in pink -- a fortunate garage sale find a couple weekends ago.
I've made some improvements to the fireplace since April, including the lavender and urn in the firebox and the mid-century magnolia print over the mantel. Ever since I saw Abbey Hendrickson's vintage bird collection on Flickr, I've been picking up little birdies at estate sales. They've now come to perch in a vase of curly willow branches.

Still working on the other side of the room ... more pictures to come.