Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Garden for June

Back in May, we had a stone retaining wall and steps built in our front yard. It's been such an improvement over the previous lava rock "wall" (a pile, really). What we love especially is that it becomes a conversation piece for people who walk by, many of whom knew the former owner, June. Our gardening efforts have inspired stories about June and how much she enjoyed working in her yard. On more than one occasion we've been told that she would love what we've done to her little bungalow. We didn't know June, but from the stories we've heard, she sounds like a neat lady we would have enjoyed getting to know--chatting with her on our morning walks while she tended her garden. Glad that spirit is still shining through, even as the house evolves into something we love.
We've begun planting some green, shade-loving plants this weekend. For my five-year anniversary at work, my coworkers were so kind to give me a gift certificate to Portland Nursery. It was spent in one giant shopping spree!

The wine barrels came from a nifty lumber yard here in Portland -- Mr. Plywood. We planted them with flowering perennials, surrounded by lavender and lupine. Really dresses up the parking strip!