Saturday, May 30, 2009

Slipcover in a Day

This ratty gold chair has been bugging me for awhile. My mom and I picked it up off the side of the road back when I was in junior high and I've been carting it around with me ever since. It's sturdy and the firm cushions make it quite comfortable; however, the upholstery has never been in great shape and is now even more tattered having lived with a roommate's cats for four years. Since we're having an open house in a few weeks, I found the inspiration to finally make a slipcover--something I've never done before.

For guidance I consulted S0 Simple Slipcovers and Simple Soft Furnishings, but mostly I just made things up as I went. (This is how I cook too!) First step was to make a pattern, which is what I'm working on in the above photo. I used an old sheet and pinned it to all sides of the chair. Once it was all in place, I marked where the seams would go, took it apart, and cut the pieces out.

For the slipcover fabric, I used a bunch of large cotton pieces I had leftover from hemming the IKEA curtains I hung in the living, dining, and master bedroom. Using the pattern, I cut out the slipcover panels, pinned them together on the chair (inside out), and then sewed them together. Viola!

Sounds like it was quick and easy, right? Well, in some ways I guess it was...considering I got this project done in a day. But there was also LOTS of ripping of seams and trying again and again to get things right.
But now it's done and the living room vibe is much improved.