Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's been quite the dilemma trying to figure out how to cover our gigantic XL king-size bed (bigger than a calif. king). I didn't want something too busy color-wise since the wallpaper has us more than covered in that department.

My estate sale hunting days turned me on to the joys of vintage matelassé bedspreads and I now own several; however, they are all for double-size beds, of course. (Darn it!)

I know this will be a shocker, but I actually purchased something brand-spankin' new. Our new spread is a Willam & Mary cotton matelassé coverlet, purchased online from Maggie's Bedding Warehouse. The cotton is soft and the bedspread doesn't seem as cheaply made as some (nothing compares to the old stuff, though). I'm especially a fan of how big it is (though I'm sure my washer won't be). Practically touches the ground, even with our ginormous bed.