Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Next Big Project

Landscaping. Both the front and back yard need a lot of love.
Although they provide some privacy, those rhodies mostly just block the views from our porch and picture windows. The pipe railing is a little unsightly, too.
The front yard has two nice trees--a Japanese Snowbell (which you can see here) and a Japanese Maple. Unfortunately, the yard just slopes down to a not-so-attractive lava rock wall at the sidewalk level. It would look great (and be a lot more usable) with a two-tiered retaining wall.
Bricks. Ivy. Chain link. There's lots to do back here. We like the espalier apple trees, though. We hope they grow back.
This will be our vegetable garden with raised beds one day.
And here's our little potting shed off the garage. Has a nice southern exposure. Sweetness!