Monday, February 16, 2009

What Do We Have Here?

I spy fir floors under that linoleum!
Yep -- all we have to do is pull up the old floor and scrape all the black paper and adhesive off -- then we'll be down to wood. No problem-o.
Oh wait. There are like a bazillion inch-long stapes holding down that floor. They're not slowing Erik down, though.
The paper and adhesive is sorta putting a damper on things though. Our strategy for softening the stuff up so it's more scrapeable (is that a word?!) is to poor boiling hot water on the floor and cover it with a thick towel for 10 minutes or so. Read about this on the internets. Jeez, what would we do without the internets? Worked pretty well except for the fact that we didn't have a way to boil the water at first (stove's in the dining room and electricians don't have that 220 outlet dialed-in yet). Tried using the backpacking stove. Yeah -- that didn't work so well. Headed over to Fred Meyer and bought a microwave. Can you believe it? We finally broke down and bought one after all these years. Also now comes in handy for zapping some dinner when we arrive at the house after work.
Working on these floors made me feel pretty pathetic. I didn't have enough upper-body strength to make much of a contribution. Go Erik!