Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For the Love of Old Windows

Remember our lopsided, one-windowed living room?

Well, I found a pair of double-hung wood windows at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage a couple weeks ago. They're a little older the house (probably about 1910 and Junebug was built in 1924), but frankly I don't care since it was so bloody hard to find anything that was the right size. We thought about ordering a pair of custom Marvin windows, but talk about not being in our budget! Anyway, that means I'm having to revive my window restoration skills.

If you're interested to know why I'm so intent on these being wood windows, there is some good information on the real costs of replacing old wood windows (and the benefits of preservation) here and here.

Now back to the pictures.  Here's Erik assisting me with stripping off the old paint:
Fast forward to today and I will tell you the paint stripping did not go so well. We ended up taking both windows to Houck's Process Stripping Center and had them dipped. Money we weren't planning to spend, but it was worth it in the end ... especially since the top sashes had been painted shut.
I reglazed and painted the windows after they were dipped. Ben gave me a huge timesaving tip: Apply the glazing putty with a caulk gun rather than the old-fashioned way with a putty knife.  After picking up a few sash weights at Hippo Hardware, the windows were ready to be installed. In this case, symmetry is a good thing: