Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inspiration :: Weaving Studio

My mom is talking about a studio makeover for her weaving room. I couldn't help but get on Flickr to see what other people's weaving spaces look like -- and boy was I entreated to some amazing stuff! Enjoy, Mom!
1. Working Loom in the French Quarter, 2. in my workshop, 3. empty loom, 4. stalbans loom, 5. The Loom, 6. woven, 7. the loom room., 8. overshot pattern in sunset light, 9. Looms, 10. crazy, stripey handwoven scarflette, 11. studio, 12. Weaving Room, 13. Untitled, 14. More old textiles in Dalarna, 15. Store yarn shelf, 16. Tablet weaving loom, 17. H├Ągnan Farmstead, 18. Berea College Weaving Studio, 19. Fiber Arts Studio, 20. yarn storage room