Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter is Here

There is snow on the ground in Portland. Lots of it. Nothing in the city is moving but a few snowflakes from the sky. Strange how life comes to a standstill because of this pretty white stuff. It's fitting, though -- I would rather strap on a pair of snowshoes than start the engine of my car and break this peaceful spell.

Here are some inspiring winter scenes found on Flickr. Enjoy!
1. Little Red Riding Hood, 2. God Jul!, 3. Christmas ribbons, 4. abandoned canoe, 5. Untitled, 6. perfect little white things, 7. Un momento, mais nada, 8. christmas fawn, 9. I am dreaming of a Shabby Chic Christmas.........., 10. more snow-cones, 11. simple & pure beautiful (to me), 12. What we'll have instead of a Christmas tree, 13. vintage wool dress, 14. Copenhagen Yule, 15. Christmas in Sweden, 16. is it time yet?