Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's Forecast: Snow

We don't usually see snow like this in Portland! There was a heavy dusting last weekend, so Erik and strolled along SE Hawthorne to enjoy the winter ambiance. That's where Erik took this shot of the charming Waffle Window on SE 36th.

Yesterday we headed downtown to finish up our Christmas shopping. Despite heavy gloves, my hands were FREEZING almost the entire time. Probably didn't help that I was taking the gloves on and off to snap a few pictures ... like this one:
After that, I was content to enjoy the snowy scenery from inside our apartment. Erik continued his adventures over at Mt. Tabor Park, which turns into a sledder's paradise whenever this funny white stuff starts falling from the sky.
The question is: Will all of this clear up in time for our Christmas journey east through the Gorge?