Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Out-of-Town Thrifter

Portland is a mecca for second-hand shopping. Most woman I meet who are my age count thrifting as a hobby or at least a practical and inexpensive way to enhance their wardrobes. And thus, with such a large population of charity-shop aficionados, it is increasingly hard to find "deals" in Portland's many second-hand shops. Travel to a town that doesn't have a thrifting scene is a real treat. Prices are cheap and the shelves aren't picked over. This is what I like!
{thrifted in Richland}
Despite having a cold, I was determined to check out the thrift stores in Richland (WA), while visiting my family for the holidays. There's a basic Goodwill in the center of town -- much more humble than the big-box superstore Goodwill I shop at in Portland. And let me tell you, I'd gladly take their humble prices anyday over Portland's in-store cafe and multi-stall bathrooms. At the Richland Goodwill, I found a couple pieces of pink vintage pottery for a couple bucks and was a happy-camper. My mom scored a lamp, pretty wool sweater, and some other useful household goodies.

Next we headed to West Richland to poke around the Penny Pinchers Thrift Store. Now, this place felt like the thrift stores I frequented as a youngster with my mom in Southern California -- locally-owned, often disorganized, but with treasures lurking in the shadows. Here I found an OLD heart-shaped See's candy box, a small vintage tray with a neat floral pattern, and a Christmas souvenir book from the 1930s that I'll use to make homemade cards with next holiday season.

My addiction to second-hand shopping started pretty young -- perhaps 10 or so. I remember my first big find -- a pair of mohair Steiff bears found for $18 at a local thrift store. Throughout high school, weekends often included hitting a few garage sales, whether with my mom or best friend, Kim. To this day, I miss our monthly expeditions to the Pasadena City College Flea Market, though the last time I was there in 2003, it was much more trendy and pricey than the good old days a decade prior. *Sigh*

I look forward to some more out-of-town thrifting adventures. Perhaps someday I'll map out a roadtrip where small-town second-hand shops are the main attraction. Could be a fun trip for a couple of thrify gals.
{garage sale finds}