Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Long Journey

Our driving adventure through the snowy Columbia River Gorge entreated us to some stunning winter views that are not often seen in Oregon. We stopped off at Multnomah Falls to stretch our legs and snap a few pictures. The falls were barely a trickle, largely encrusted with snow and ice. What a dramatic winter scene! Back in the parking lot, a local news team was sniffing around for a story to add to their coverage of "Arctic Blast 2008!". Our Subaru filled with colorful gifts got their attention and I soon found a camera in my face.
The rest of our journey sadly lacked the magic and excitement of the first half. Between Arlington and Boardman (i.e. out in the middle of no where!) we had the pleasure of changing a flat tire along the roadside. For the next 60 miles we inched down the highway at 50 miles an hour, anxious to pull into my parent's driveway and be greeted by their bouncy dogs. After eight and a half hours we were finally there and happy just to curl up by the fire.