Monday, December 15, 2008


While I've actively tried to reduce the amount of random "stuff" in our home over the last few years, there's no denying that I inherited the collecting gene. I was foremost inspired as a child by my grandmother--my mom's mom--who had many unique collections and displayed them so artfully around her house.

Her red-themed kitchen was the first thing that grabbed you upon entering the backdoor. I remember the baker's rack she used to show off her red pots and pans. In the living room, there was a wonderful collection of Native American artifacts -- arrowheads and baskets. My favorite collection as a child was, of course, her dog figurines. Many of them were antiques and too precious for playful little fingers, but I remember how much I adored just looking at them. The entire house was like this--corners filled with special objects. But I don't recall it ever feeling particularly cluttered.

My mom and aunt (her daughters) have their own wonderful collections, two of which make a special appearance at Christmas. Liz has a fantastic collection of gnomes and other Scandinavian goodies that often dance across her sideboard in the winter season. My mom collects vintage Santa mugs--the kind she admired in a collection of her grandmother's. I look forward to revisiting these collections when I'm with them for the holidays.

And so, here are a few collections of my own. Little things I've picked up at antique stores and estate sales over the years. Things, that when gathered together, bring a smile to my face.

{vintage tins and cigar boxes}
{white dishes}
{bits of nature and other detritus}