Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inspiration Organization

Ever since the revitalization of my studio space, I’ve been on a major organizing kick. Paper management has always been a challenge for me. I can hardly remember a time when I didn't have numerous envelopes and folders of cut-outs tucked here and there.

{inspiration notebook : garden}

Not exactly sure what motivated me to change, but I was reminded of a visit to Liz’s house one summer when she was making an inspiration journal out of favorite magazine images. Memories of sitting at the sunny dining room table with tea, surrounded by her beautiful pictures are vivid and fresh. My mom is also organized in this fashion—keeping a handy notebook of project ideas.

It’s my turn, it seems.

{inspiration notebook : color}
This was a really easy project, but one I’ve already gotten tremendous benefit from.

The majority of my images are of the décor variety, so I proceeded to organize them by room type. Using cardstock in a neutral palette for the notebook pages, I affixed the pictures with adhesive squares (like the ones you use for scrapbooking), being fairly liberal in overlapping picture upon picture. There’s something nice about having the pages full of color, with one image transitioning to the next.

{inspiration notebook : bath}
I tried to leave a little room here and there so I can jot notes about why I like the image – paint color, fabric, furniture arrangement, etc. Haven’t made it quite that far yet, as you can see.

I will tell you that choosing a nice, sturdy binder has made this notebook all the more appealing to me. Usually I just grab the $2.99 white plastic binders at Office Depot, but this time I got a black presentation binder. Makes it feel a bit more special, I guess. With our house-hunting efforts underway, I frequently turn to these pages, imagining a farmhouse kitchen or a restored bathroom. Best of all, I can easily keep adding images as I go.

{my morning}
Look out Martha! I have scissors and I’m not afraid to use them.