Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dancing with Design

{inner conflict ... a collage by me}
I was feeling in the mood to do some collage work the other night after learning than one of my favorite collage artists—Jonathan Talbot—will be hosting two one-day workshops in Portland next month.

{Jonathan Talbot}
I stumbled on Jonathan’s artwork several years ago when I was researching collage techniques. His sense of composition and use of color and texture really appeals to me. Reading his book Collage: A New Approach, I learned several techniques for creating a more cohesive, almost “fused” look to my paper collages, some of which I describe in this post.

Jonathon’s first workshop will be held at the Oregon Society of Artists on Friday, October 3rd from 10 AM to 4 PM. He writes that this workshop "will 'free-up' our approach to composition by using collage to explore a variety of the aspects of design. Included will be intellectual, intuitive, and kinesthetic approaches to line, shape, color (including hue, value, and intensity), texture, movement, rhythm, relativity, interest, and unity." His second workshop will be held at the 23 Sandy Gallery on October 5th and will cover many of the collage techniques he writes about in his book. More info on both workshops can be found here.

Hailing from Warwick, NY, we don’t see him in the Pacific Northwest all that often. You can find out how to register on his website.