Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Women of Inspiration

Elizabeth & Priscilla are my aunt and my mother—two creative women who, for more than 30 years, have inspired in me a desire for an artful and creative life.

My mother taught me (among many things) to sew, quilt, spin yarn, garden, and cook. She created for me a childhood full of make-believe, dress-up, storytelling, and crafty projects that no doubt gave way to my artistic tendencies as an adult.

Her older sister Liz was the treasured auntie I only visited once or twice a year as a girl, so my memories of her have a mystical quality. Her historic Bay Area home filled with thrifted antiques and her own artwork shaped my decorator’s eye as well as my penchant for second-hand shopping. Piles of yummy books, projects on the loom, Mozart in the CD-player, and cups of Earl Gray tea are but a few of the beautiful things I associate with her.

Art & Craft. Handmade & Homespun. Vintage & Thrift. Simple & Lovely. Creativity & Imagination. The qualities of living that they inspire in me.

There is a hum to their lives that sings of timelessness and authenticity. It’s something I’ve never quite been able to articulate. Hopefully bits and pieces of it will shine through here.